Login to Your Student Account

After you purchase an online real estate course and complete your registration you will have a Student Account protected by a unique username & password that you choose. Logging in to your student account gives you access to all your real estate courses, completion certificates, receipts, and a number of program-specific features such as license renewal tracking.

To work on a course, simply login to your student account and navigate to your Courses. You will see all of the courses for which you are currently registered. Click on the appropriate icon to open the class you want to work on.

Navigating Your Online Real Estate Course

After your course opens you will be able to use the course navigation bar on the left-hand side to work through the class, or use the Next / Previous buttons at the bottom of every page. The left-hand course navigation also serves as a useful outline for the course content.

You are always free to work at your own pace, stop / start at will, and return to the online course anytime. When you leave a course, we automatically bookmark the last page you worked on so that the course opens directly to that page on your next visit.

We believe that online courses should be organized & presented so that students can control the pace and sequence of the class to best suit their learning style and existing knowledge. You can easily return to sections of the course for additional review, or skip ahead past topics that you have already mastered.