1. Financing Residential Real Estate

a. Methods of Residential Finance

b. Prequalifying your Buyer in Today’s Market

2. Income Capitalization Overview

3. Listing & Selling HUD Homes

4. Minimizing Risk with Effective Practices

5. Pricing Property to Sell

6. Professional Property Management

7. Property Valuation: Cost Approach Overview

a. Property Valuation: Sales Comparison Approach

8. Real Estate Math ~ Exam Prep

9. Short Sale and Foreclosures

10. Structuring ownership in Commercial Real Estate

11. Tax Advantages of Home Ownership

12. Working with Foreign Clients/Investors: What you Should Know

13. Real Estate Management & Investment

14. Real Estate Safety: Protect Yourself and Your Clients

15. Millennials

16. Going Paperless-Conduct a paperless transaction

17. American Disabilities Act

18. Navigating a Hot Sellers Market

19. Retirement Assets to Purchase Property

20. Starting a Successful Brokerage

21. Winning the Listing

22. Understanding Closing Statements